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ReactJS has been an absolute beauty since it was released on May 29, 2013. It’s very easy to work with and the developers have embraced it well enough and more and more web applications are being developed ever since! So let’s have a little chit chat about them.

1. Why is React named React?

It’s a good point to start with actually. React creates a virtual dom of the browser dom and whenever a state or style or structure is changed, it compares with the browser dom and changes the part which needs to be changed, not the total dom. …

“European Computer Manufacturers Association Script” — are you familiar with this name? In short it’s known as ESMAScript and our beloved JavaScript is based on it. ES6 is not the latest though, after 2016 it started to named by year (such as ESMAScript 2017/2018 etc).

ES6 was released on 2015. With this release, a whole bunch of new feature started to come out as well. In this blog, we will try learning some of them.

1. New types of declaration!

Usually we used var keyword to declare a variable. But it had some issues such as

  • var can be declared multiple times by same name.

As you have already ended up here so I believe you are familiar with JavaScript which is a widely used language. Just a fact check that initially it was decided to name LiveScript but to use the popularity of Sun Microsystem’s Java language, as a market strategy, it named JavaScript.

As it’s worldwide popular, it has a vast library which helps you to do anything and any way you want. Let’s talk about some of the essential features of it.


  1. The Problem with Integer/Number

JavaScript is a bit tricky when it comes to numbers. It has two built in number…

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